From the Founder’s Desk: Unveiling the Whys and Hows of Our Free Bike Service

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Have you ever wondered about the concept of a “Free Bike Service” that we offer at GarageWorks? This seemingly unconventional approach has sparked curiosity and even skepticism among our audience. Let us walk you through the thinking and motivation behind this idea.

You might be wondering, why did we decide to offer FREE bike servicing?

Absolutely, with no intention of playing a prank on you!

The landscape of our doorstep bike service is unlike the conventional retail space. We’re not just delivering service to your doorstep; we’re revolutionizing the experience.

Picture this: a skilled mechanic arrives at your parking area, fully equipped to service or repair your bike on-site. This embodies the ethos of the contemporary economy, where convenience converges with top-tier quality.

Thought process #1: Use First, Then Decide!

We’re providing this service for free because we want to make our customers happy and help them realize the convenience as well as quality we offer, through doorstep bike service. It won’t cost them anything. Furthermore, if they find value in our steadfast commitment to delivering exceptional service, our team of skilled mechanics, and the use of authentic spare parts, they can rest assured that we’re always prepared to assist them once again with their biking needs.

Thought process #2: Adapting to Change: Pre-COVID vs. Post-COVID
In the pre-COVID era, our customer engagement revolved around on-ground activities. These interactions, occurring at residential communities during weekends and corporate hubs on weekdays, gave customers a chance to fully comprehend our bike service at home concept. However, with the pandemic, a digital shift ensued and since then, we are constantly working towards building our connection with the digital-savvy audience.

Thought process #3: Navigating Challenges Through Innovation

While we embraced digital marketing like other startups, we encountered two significant challenges:

  1. The digital realm became saturated with advertisements from numerous brands, primarily driven by their substantial budgets, thereby intensifying the challenge of capturing users’ attention effectively.
  2. Users’ attention spans for each ad were reduced, making it crucial to stand out swiftly.
Brands who captured the digital space supported by their huge budgets.

Thought process #4: Catering to Diverse Consumer Behavior

In the diverse tapestry of the Indian population, consumer behavior varies significantly. To cater effectively within our budget constraints, we ventured into the realm of offering a differentiated approach, a seemingly simple proposition in a culture known for value-oriented mindsets.

And thus the concept of a Free bike repair service at home.

Skepticism and Concerns 

However, reality surprised us with harsh messages from social media viz “Marketing gimmick,” “Hidden terms & conditions,” and “Nothing is truly free.” This prompted us to clarify the essence of our free bike service at home.

Understanding the Concept of GarageWorks’ Free Bike Service!

When you consider getting your bike serviced, it’s not merely about routine maintenance. It involves various components such as consumables, spare parts, and labour charges for fitting those parts. These aspects collectively contribute to the overall cost of the service. For a deeper understanding of this topic, you can explore our dedicated blog on the subject.

Nevertheless, to ensure transparency, we want to inform you that bike servicing is FREE; however, there will be charges for the consumables and spare parts utilized during the servicing process.

Embracing the Journey

The path of innovation is riddled with challenges, and GarageWorks stands tall as a testament. Our Free Bike Service transcends conceptuality; it epitomizes our pledge to redefine service benchmarks.

As we tread this path, your trust propels us forward! 

Disclaimer: The information presented in this blog is drawn from our extensive experience servicing over 200,000 vehicles and engaging with numerous customers. If you believe any content is inaccurate, kindly reach out to us at

Should you have insights valuable to fellow bike owners and wish to contribute for publication, please share your contribution with us. Include the author’s details (Name, Mobile No, Bike Owned, Profession/Passion). Our team will review and, upon approval, give due credit while publishing.


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